Zoe Tay Cautions Son Against Being An Influencer, Says ‘Only A Few Can Make Money’

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Zoe Tay Expresses Concerns About Son Wanting To Become An Influencer & Quit School

It might not be a shock to hear that Mediacorp actress and ah jie Zoe Tay would not encourage her children to take up a career in being public figures. Being one herself, she knows the struggles of being an entertainer better than anyone else.

In a recent episode of ‘The Zoe and Liang Show’, the talk show she co-hosts with Guo Liang, Zoe discusses the prospect of her son wanting to become an influencer.

She expresses her concerns over the instability of the career.

The episode focuses on whether parents should support their children in pursuing their dreams. Aside from Zoe and Guo Liang, this episode also features local actor Shaun Chen and singer-actress JJ Neo as guests.

Zoe Tay says many children want to become an influencer without realising it isn’t easy

At the 15-minute mark of the episode, Guo Liang asked Zoe what she would do if her son aspires to become an influencer.

To that question, Zoe let out an exasperated sigh, saying, “It drives me crazy!”

She has three teenage sons aged 11, 15 and 17.

She said that it is a dream that every child will have at some point, as they are all glued to their devices.

As such, children are now constantly exposed to influencers on social media. Zoe explained that one of her sons seems to think that most influencers earn a lot of mon...

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