YouTrip Is Giving Away $1 SIA Return Flights To Destinations Like Tokyo, Seoul & Milan

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YouTrip – SaveTrippin’ S$1 flight giveaway

The glorious year-end period is when wanderlust kicks into high gear. And after the pandemic kept us away from travel for so long, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re raring to hop on the first plane abroad. The problem with travel though, at least when you’re not a Crazy Rich Asian, is that it’s usually an occasional treat that you need to save up for.

But with YouTrip’s SaveTrippin’ S$1 flight giveaway, you can make use of your upcoming EOY trips from now till 31st Dec 2022 to potentially win a pair of SIA return flights to various destinations in Asia and Europe. That way, you’ll get to enjoy another overseas adventure in the near future for just a dollar.

YouTrip #SaveTrippin is all about helping you save while you travel, whether that be saving money or time. Before we get into the S$1 flight giveaway deets, here’s the lowdown on what exactly YouTrip is:

What is YouTrip?

Singaporeans are getting increasingly used to cashless payment modes, but that can be tricky overseas when you have to fret about credit card conversion fees or the lack of participating e-payment platforms. 

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