“Young Living” Related Printed-Material-Rights for Sale? MyLSP.com Makes Choice Essential Oil Assets Available in UTAH

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Young Living YL is a nature-lifestyle, essential oil, MLM-company based in Lehi, Utah. Founded in 1993, YL sells pure EO’s & other authentic related products.

Owning the rights to both Young Livings’ compliant & non-compliant printed copyrights is a once in a lifetime asset acquisition.”

— Troie Battles

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- For the first time in its history, Life & Science Publishing (L&SP) is considering ‘offers’ in order to ‘take on’ both L&SP’s: (1) Sizable content-collection and (2) Legacy-of-copyrights from their global partner https://www.mylsp.com/reference-materials.html All of these proprietary assets have been closely guarded for 28 years. This offering represents what we feel is a huge opportunity, for the right partner. We consider the ‘right partner’ to be someone who is positioned-well in the marketplace for large-scale distribution and worldwide digital capacity. Due to the unique nature of these copyrights, this unprecedented opportunity for purchase will have limited suitors. However, the potential reach of this offering is 1.1 million active members.

L&SP is looking to connect, with a larger platform, in order to take these innovative copyrights worldwide like has never been done before. As you can imagine, this opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Even more exciting is that a NEW 9th Edition Desk and Pocket Reference (DPR) has already been created for digital and print release, which represents a sizable first-year income opportunity. We would like to discuss the possibilities with you. Let’s connect! https://www.mylsp.com/about-us/about-the-ceo.html Life & Science Publishing (L&SP) is considering offers to take its sizable collection and legacy of copyrights to a global partner.

As these assets have be...

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