Year of the Rabbit special: New beginnings, grand plans and bunny-inspired dishes

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SINGAPORE – In Chinese culture, the rabbit is an auspicious and hopeful symbol. In others, the springtime animal is a sign of renewal.

As Chinese New Year dawns, dive into the rabbit hole of history for clues on what the Year of the Water Rabbit might bring and check out bunny-themed hongbao that will bring out the oohs and the aahs. Also, hear what five personalities born in the Year of the Rabbit plan to do in 2023 and whip up tasty veggie-forward dishes to refresh your palate after all the festive feasting.

Hare’s to a Hop-ful Year of the Rabbit

As the world hops into the Year of the Water Rabbit, the top question on everyone’s head is: “Does my hare look good?”

Will the adorable bunny usher in a hop-less or hop-timistic year? While the future is anyone’s bet, going down the rabbit hole of history might offer one way to appreciate this year’s outlook. (For the sceptics, at the very least, it will be a bunny trail through history.)


Hongbao get cuddly in the Year of the Rabbit

While the Year of the Tiger saw many fierce designs, this year’s red packets amp up the adorable factor.

It is, after all, the Year of the Rabbit and bunnies, fluffy and full of energy, are irresistible to many.


During Chinese New Year, cash is king but anxiety is forever

In John Lui’s version of history, the problem of holiday gift-giving was solved in China thousands of years ago.

By imperial decree, it was decided that gifting the right object to the right person was impossible.

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