Yat Ka Yan: Old-School Dessert Shop With Creamy Chee Cheong Fun And Orh Nee Chendol

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Yat Ka Yan has creamy chee cheong fun near Bencoolen MRT

Image credit: @yatkayan

Traditional dessert shops are a dime a dozen in Singapore, but here’s one you might not have heard of: Yat Ka Yan at Fortune Centre. While you can expect your usual fare of desserts such as pulut hitam and tau suan here, you’ll find that Yat Ka Yan has also got some particularly unique options. 

Image credit: @vivi.setiani93

Their dine-in exclusive Creamy Chee Cheong Fun ($5) is one of the items that you won’t often see. The dish features silky rice noodle rolls and chopped bak kwa pieces in a creamy and savoury sauce—akin to cream-based pasta sauces. It is then finished with spring onions and fried shallots for an extra touch of flavour. 

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