Yang Ming Seafood: New Branch at Ubi

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Pork Stomach Chicken Soup $68

This place was recommended by one of our kakis who have been a fan of Yang Ming Seafood at Bishan.  The Bishan outlet was the one that won the SPH food masters award for their lobster chee cheong fun in 2020.  I have been wanting to go back for their lobster chee cheong fun after I gave them the award, but never quite got to it because of the pandemic.

Our kakis managed to organize a Mid-Week Makan at their newly opened outlet at Ubi.  The new place is located in the canteen of an industrial building and they have two air-con areas where you can reserve a table.  Like their Bishan outlet, this new branch also has seafood tanks where you can pick your live seafood.


Overall, we had a good meal.  The food was competent and I liked the fact that they have plenty of tables and easy parking.  It is a little pricier than the neighbourhood Zi Char, but you are getting quality live seafood. Good for a seafood zi char meal if you are around the Ubi area.

Here is my review on the dishes we had:

The Must Try Dishes

Lobster Chee Cheong Fun $166

They were the first to popularize this dish and it is still very good. The sauce goes very well with the slippery chee cheong fun and the generous topping of fried shallots really adds to the flavour of the dish.  We had the Australian lobster which was going for $90/kg. It’s larger and juicier than the cheaper Boston Lobsters which is also available from the live seafood tanks.  4.25/5

The Can Try Dishes

Wok Grilled Chicken

They have four signature dishes.  The aforementioned Lobster chee cheong fun, pig stomach chicken soup, wok grilled chicken and pork trotters.

The pig stomach chicken soup (first...

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