WuGuFeng’s Signature Moon Cakes: A Taste of Elegance

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Imagine savouring a moon cake that’s not just a dessert but a masterpiece of taste.

Elevate your Mid-Autumn festive celebrations to new luxurious heights with WuGuFeng’s signature moon cakes – the epitome of rich flavours, smoothness and sheer perfection.

Helmed by award-winning exquisite pastry-crafting artist Master Bruce, the brand has built a legacy for its finesse in creating flawless gift pastries since the 1950s.

Master Bruce’s dedication to detail and perfection goes to the extent of growing his own mint plants for one of his snow skin creations – the Mini Snow Skin Passion fruit with Mint Cheese, a must-try flavour in WuGuFeng’s 2023 moon cake collection. Other exquisite flavours include Mini Snow Skin 100% Mao Shan Wang Durian – made with 100 per cent pure Mao Shan Wang durian from old trees grown in the high mountains of Pahang, Mini Snow Skin Sakura Macadamia White Lotus, and Mini Snow Skin Butterfly Pea Blueberry Cheesecake.

This festive season, make WuGuFeng’s signature moon cakes the centrepiece of your celebrations.

SPH subscribers get to enjoy 15 per cent off specially curated bundle deals consisting of Single Yolk Macadamia White Lotus or Traditional Mixed Nuts Baked Moon Cakes gift box, or a Mini Snow Skin Assorted Moon Cakes gift box. All bundles include a Jade Rabbit Moon Cake in a limited-edition embroidery bag.

To enjoy the discount, visit stsub.sph.com.sg/wgf to redeem the promo code and make your purchase on WuGuFeng’s e-Boutique. This promotion ends on Sept 29. Terms and conditions apply.

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