Wu Pao Chun Opens At Paragon, The Famous Taiwanese Bakery’s Second Outlet

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Wu Pao Chun at Paragon

It’s been a hot minute since Wu Pao Chun opened their flagship store in Capitol Singapore back in 2019, but now, the famed Taiwanese bakery has finally expanded to a second location in the heart of Orchard Road. Located in Paragon, this latest store boasts the same spread of bakes, including their award-winning loaves.

Image credit: Wu Pao Chun

The bakery at Paragon is situated in basement one of the mall, where Thye Moh Chan used to be. The new outlet also boasts LED screens that provide helpful information on the times you’ll be able to get your hands on fresh batches of bread.

Image credit: Wu Pao Chun

If you didn’t know, the bakery was founded by none other than the man himself, who the bakery is named after. He was also the world champion at the 2010 Les Masters de la Boulangerie in Paris. His winning bakes at this competition are now known as the bakery’s Champion Breads—Lychee Rose Royale and Red Wine Longan. Priced at $14.80 for a half-loaf, and $21.80 for a full, these hefty breads are definitely a notch above your regular slices of Gardenia.

Image credit: Wu Pao Chun

The Red Wine Longan is their bestseller back in Taiwan, and features fresh longan that undergoes a six-day smoking process. More than that, the dough is also enriched with its namesake red wine, and spiked with chunks of walnuts. If you are looking for something with a floral touch, go for the Lychee Rose Royale instead—the dough in this loaf gets an overnight soak in lychee wine, black leaf lychee, and natural ro...

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