Wow Wow West Review: Western Hawker Stall With Huge Portions Below $10 At Bukit Merah

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Wow Wow West at Bukit Merah 

Western stalls at hawker centres are a ‘hit-or-miss’ situation for me. Rarely do I find myself satisfied with the typically cheaper renditions of spaghetti, chicken chop, and the like. I tried not to get my hopes up for Wow Wow West, despite the stellar reviews. I soon realised that even if I did go in with high expectations, Wow Wow West would have been able to meet them. 

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Food at Wow Wow West 

We started off our lunch with their best-selling Fish and Chips ($8). My first reaction was one of astonishment. Even after having read multiple reviews with photos attached, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer size and portion of the fish cutlet. As a reference, it was bigger and thicker than my entire hand!

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