Work Permit Holders Cannot Use Foreign-Registered Vehicles In S’pore From 1 Jul

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Work Permit Holders Cannot Keep & Use Foreign-Registered Vehicles In Singapore

For the past few weeks, the land checkpoints between Malaysia and Singapore have seen traffic jams spanning long hours and hindering movement.

Heavy Traffic On S’pore-Johor Causeway As June School Holidays Come To An End

Perhaps in light of this increasingly common phenomenon, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be taking action to curb the number of vehicles entering Singapore. From 1 Jul, work permit holders (WPHs) will no longer be able to use foreign-registered vehicles here.

As a result of the regulation, local auto dealerships have also reported a 30% increase in the number of vehicles purchased.

Work permit holders cannot use foreign-registered vehicles

According to 8world News, WPHs cannot use foreign-registered vehicles within Singapore after 1 Jul.

The LTA had previously warned vehicle owners about this in a press release on 6 May, where they announced the upcoming withdrawal of the exemption for WPHs “to keep and use their foreign-registered vehicles perpetually in Singapore”.

Prior to the changes, LT...

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