Work It Podcast: Why your company needs an AI strategy now

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Not a day goes by without some news about generative artificial intelligence. Particularly its impact on jobs.

Nick Eayrs from Databricks, an AI and data company, unpacks exactly how jobs will be affected and whose responsibility it is to be prepared. 

Nick Eayrs, Vice President of Field Engineering for Asia Pacific and Japan at Databricks on the Work It podcast (Photo: CNA/Sai Ye Wint)
I envisage that data and AI will be embedded in every workflow for every industry in the next three to five years. Does that mean that it's replacing the individual? I would still argue, no.

Jump to these key moments:

  • 03:00 How software and AI assist humans 
  • 06:25 If AI can draw, what happens to the artist? 
  • 10:59 How important is the government's role in AI?
  • 15:59 Whose job is it to move workers to upskill?
  • 19:42 Inequality will deepen 
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