Woodlands Vs Tuas Checkpoint: Which Is Better For Singaporeans Entering Malaysia?

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Tuas vs Woodlands Checkpoint

If going to Malaysia were an Olympic sport, Singaporeans would win Gold. Think about the last time you went to Johor Bahru: shopping malls and JB cafes would certainly come to mind. But chances are, so would the notorious traffic jams.

Asking other Singaporeans not to go is out of the question, obviously. So the real question is: how can you avoid the jam otherwise? Apart from avoiding peak hours, you can also play it smart by choosing the right causeway to use. Here’s the breakdown of Tuas vs Woodlands Checkpoint.

The case for Tuas Checkpoint

Also known as the CIQ 2nd Link, Tuas is the less frequented causeway but could still be the superior choice for you, depending on your destination and whether or not you choose to drive.

Less traffic jam

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