Women in cybersecurity: Shattering the myths, once and for all

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The story of the young cybersecurity magnate who spent his youth tearing apart computers has been told so many times it is almost a cliché. He got his start coding in the family garage. He graduated top of his class with a computer science degree. He launched his own startup (also from the garage), and the rest is history.  

Fortunately, this is not the only way to launch a successful cybersecurity career. Unfortunately, the persistence of this narrative has a tendency to dissuade those who don’t feel they fit the “traditional” mold. All too often, this applies to women — and although some women do achieve titles like CTO, CIO or CISO, the cybersecurity industry remains heavily male-dominated. The cybersecurity field still struggles to attract women, in large part because they have hard time picturing themselves within it.

Women who find success in cybersecurity should not be outliers — especially today, at a time when the field is experiencing explosive growth and talent is in high demand. Today’s cybersecurity companies also often cite diversity as a priority, with a stated goal of bringing new perspectives to the table. To achieve this, it is time to dispel the myths propping up cybersecurity’s intimidating reputation, and to tear down the false barriers to entry that are keeping women out. 

Myth #1: You need to have a computer science degree to work in cybersecurity


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