Woman who lost lawsuit to psychiatrist ex-lover faces bankruptcy after failing to pay S$250,000 claim

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SINGAPORE: A woman who lost her lawsuit against her ex-lover for medical negligence is now facing bankruptcy after failing to pay more than S$250,000 (US$182,600) in costs and other fees to him. 

Ms Serene Tiong Sze Yin took Dr Chan Herng Nieng, a psychiatrist, to court in 2020, accusing him of making her addicted to Xanax, a medication to treat anxiety, during their relationship from 2017 to 2018.

Dr Chan, a medical professional with around 20 years of experience, previously ran his own practice at Capital Mindhealth Clinic.

Ms Tiong, who was married, began an affair with Dr Chan in January 2017, according to previous media reports. Dr Chan, then single, gave Ms Tiong Xanax tablets for her anxiety. 

The duo broke up around May 2018, after Ms Tiong found explicit WhatsApp messages between Dr Chan and his then-close friend, colorectal surgeon Julian Ong about their sexual exploits with other women. Ms Tiong filed a complaint with the Singapore Medical Council, which launched an investigation and disciplinary proceedings. 

In turn, Dr Ong sued Ms Tiong for defamation for claiming that he and Dr Chan had colluded to take sexual advantage of their patients. Dr Ong won the lawsuit on appeal

However both Dr Ong and Dr Chan were found guilty of improper conduct and suspended from practice. On appeal by the Singapore Medical Council, both doctors had their suspensions extended in December last year

Ms Tiong also sued Dr Chan, claiming that he prescribed her Xanax, which she suffered a side effect from, and later became addicted to. 

She also alleged that Dr Chan had told her that he was committed to a long-term and exclusive sexual relationship with her. Subsequently, Ms Tiong suffered a mental and emotional breakdown when she discovered that Dr Chan was having sexual relations with other married women during their relationship. 

In July last year, the High Court

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