Woman who lent her friend over $10K sees him travelling overseas and asks “hello, did you forget you got debt to pay”

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SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media wondering if she would ever get back the ‘5-digits-worth’ of money she lent her friend.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she knows she “was damn stupid to lend my friend 5 digit worth of money, only for everything to be lost in a scam. We were all victims of the situation, especially my friend, so I tried being understanding about the due date in which they would return the money to me. They owe about 6 digits worth to multiple people.”.

She added that many have told her that the money is lost forever, but she felt that because it was a big sum, it was a matter of principle. While she did not need the money back initially, she told her friend that he could take his time to pay her back. “It has been 2 years, and I can’t help but to be impatient because I see them going on trips to Japan and Korea and all that with their family. Like hello, did you forget you got debt to pay? I’m trying to be nice and give you your human right to enjoy life la, I don’t want to be an ahlong. But this money is a big deal to me too. Just because I don’t make noise, doesn’t mean you can take advantage right?” she wrote.

She said that she felt he was not doing things on purpose but added that he still made her anxious because she was planning to get married and would need the money soon. “I never want to lose friendship because of money, because honestly this is my buddy buddy. When I fell on hard times they helped me out big time financially also. But the difference is I paid my dues on time, they are currently not doing that”, she wrote.

“What do I do? I know I already screwed up lending him, not going to do it again, but I want my money back. I know for a fact he can pay”, she wrote, asking netizens for advice.

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