Woman gets backlash after making disparaging comments about 'HDB people' on LinkedIn

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A woman's post on LinkedIn criticising Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat dwellers has people online up in arms.

In the post dated May 22, 2023, a LinkedIn user Satwant Kaur, self-proclaimed "nationalist", made many sweeping remarks, commenting how "HDB people" and "private residence people" are "very different".

She also felt it was "necessary to limit contact" with the "HDB people".

Her post has since been taken down, and her profile could no longer be found on LinkedIn.

"They are about money, not values."

The post was relatively inconspicuous on LinkedIn even after people started reposting it on Reddit and other platforms.

Screenshot via LinkedIn

That is until a young Singaporean decided to call her out by replying to her post.

Image via LinkedIn

The university undergraduate, Nadine Lee, pointed out that the "unique culture" of the "HDB people" that Kaur took issue with is called "homeownership".

"The gainfully earned right to have proper shelter and someplace you can call yours," Lee emphasised.

She pointed out that "most of us (Singaporeans)" are trying to disavow elitist tendencies and "trying to treat each other well", yet Kaur is "excitedly trying to go in the other direction".

Other LinkedIn users chime in

Lee's post resonated with other people on LinkedIn who joined in to give her a piece of their minds.

Woman didn't take it well

Lee's response to her post did not amuse Kaur.

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