Woman From China Says Visiting S’pore Is Like Staying Home, Points Out Many Chinese Brands

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Woman From China Spots Many Chinese Brands In Singapore

Many people travel overseas for a break from their day-to-day routine, experiencing sights and sounds different from what they get in their home country.

However, a woman from China who recently visited Singapore claimed that many of the sights here are similar to those in her home country.

These familiar sights include Chinese brands like Haidilao, Luckin Coffee, and Miniso, which prompted her to declare that it was as if she never left home at all.

Woman from China spots Chinese brands like Haidilao & MINISO

Back in June, Xiaohongshu user @林林拎不清 shared a video titled “Travelling overseas, but not completely”, documenting her trip to Singapore.

The OP — who’s from Dalian, China — did not elaborate on why she felt that way, but it was pretty clear from the ensuing footage.

After showing footage taken from an airline — presumably from her flight to Singapore — she shared clips of several stores in Singapore:

  • Heytea
  • Haidilao
  • Yang Guo Fu Mala Tang
  • Mixue
  • Juewei Singapore
  • Helens Singapore
  • Xiao Long Kan Hotpot
  • Tanyu
  • Luckin Coffee

Even though these might seem like stores randomly strung together, all of them share a similarity — they all originated in China.

Despite having seen and probably patronised these stores before, the woman still ended up purchasing from some of them here in Singapore.

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Even though the OP might have chanced upon sights commonly found in h...

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