Woman admits striking father’s head with hammer after he drank beer at home

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SINGAPORE - She told her 53-year-old father not to drink alcohol at home, as she was concerned he would get drunk and soil himself.

So when Kshivadarrshini Karunanethi got woken up one morning to the sound of cans falling in the living room and saw that her father had been drinking, she got angry, took a hammer, and hit his head with it repeatedly.

On Friday, the 28-year-old pleaded guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt.

District Judge Eugene Teo called for a Mandatory Treatment Order suitability report after both the prosecution and the defence tendered psychiatric reports.

Deputy Public Prosecutor David Koh said Kshivadarrshini, who had completed her studies at the Institute of Technical Education and was looking for employment, was living with her father, mother and younger sister.

After she was woken up by the noise of falling cans around 6.30am on Jan 6, 2020, Kshivadarrshini went from her room to the living room where she found her father, who had been drinking beer at night, asleep on the sofa, and noticed a few cans of beer.

At that time, Kshivadarrshini’s mother had left for work and her sister was asleep in her own room.

Said DPP Koh: “The accused had previously told the victim not to drink alcohol at home, as he might urinate on himself after he was intoxicated and the accused or her mother would have to clean him up after.

“The accused then felt very angry with the victim for drinking at home, even though she had told him not to. She thought that she did not want her mother and her younger sister to go through the same matter over and over again.”

She then went to the kitchen and took a 34cm-long hammer from a drawer.

While her father was still sleeping, she swung the hammer, which weighed about 700g and had a wooden handle and a metal head, and struck his head three to four time...

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