Woks of Taste Char Kway Teow – Former Aerospace Engineering Students Fires Up Char Kway Teow With Wok Hei!

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Posted on August 6th, 2022

Many young hawkers are slowly taking up the mantle of producing simple hawker food without any of the added fanfare or fusion twists, and the owner of Woks of Taste Char Kway Teow is one of them. Located within Upper Boon Keng Market & Food Centre, the stall is helmed by 24 year-old Samuel who has single-handedly mastered the ways of the wok. A steady stream of customers keeps him busy from the moment his shutters open. 

Previously an aerospace engineering student, the young chef dropped out of university to pursue his love for cooking. His journey started with the Hawkerpreneurship programme and he taught himself the know-hows of cooking char kway teow. Having grown up with a love for it and his father taking him on trips to Johor Bahru (JB) to sample the many different kinds there, Samuel said that char kway teow was naturally his dish of choice. 

When asked what sets his rendition of char kway...

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