Wings – A Spinoff of Tony Cafe That Specialises in Chicken Wings in Alexandra

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Posted on February 25th, 2022

Folks who know of Tony Cafe, the caifan eatery in The Adelphi, and their wildly popular chicken wings will be happy to know that they can now get their fill of deep-fried chicken wings and honey chicken wings with chicken rice in a canteen in Fragrance Empire Building in Alexandra. The stall is very popular with office workers in the area, so just follow one of the longer lines around lunchtime and you’ll find Wings!

While their menu is more streamlined than Tony Cafe’s, owner Larry Gan still kept a bit of the caifan aspect by preparing a small range of side dishes that patrons can add to their chicken rice sets. 

Besides their signature chicken-wing-and-rice combos, Wings also offers two pieces of their delicious proteins with crinkle cut fries and classic coleslaw ($5.50), or stir-fried fusilli with roasted sesame sauce ($6). There’s also mee siam ($3.50) and lontong ($3.50).

I opted for a fried chicken and honey chicken wings set alongside their aromatic chicken rice and a side dish of Larry&rsquo...

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