Will Taylor Swift be at the Super Bowl? Stay tuned

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LAS VEGAS - On Feb 11, the Kansas City Chiefs will be making the team’s fourth Super Bowl appearance in the last five seasons.

While some National Football League (NFL) players go their entire career without playing for a championship, one of Kansas City’s newcomers had their ticket punched after only 12 games.

As Ms Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic said on X, formerly Twitter, shortly after Kansas City’s championship win: “Taylor Swift makes the Super Bowl in her first year in the league. Elite.”

Swift, who has been dating Travis Kelce, Kansas City’s star tight end, has changed the NFL conversation all season, attracting a new audience for the league and inspiring strong emotions - both positive and negative - among fans.

Her critics as well as her detractors may have some burning questions ahead of the game. First and foremost: Will she be there?

Has Taylor hinted at her Super Bowl plans?

Swift, as you may have heard, is good at keeping secrets. Her plans, beyond concert dates, are rarely announced in advance.

That has led some to devise their own methods for figuring out what she’s up to.

Ahead of a Kansas City game in October, for example, an NBC producer said he had a spotter plane searching the area around MetLife Stadium for police escorts in hopes of alerting the television crew if she showed up.

She did.

Kelce was inundated with questions about Swift last week, and while he said he had heard some of her upcoming album – spoiler: he likes it – he did not offer any details about whether she would be at the game.

That being said, Swift has adjusted her busy schedule to allow her to attend 12 games already this season, so missing out on a potential Super Bowl win seems unlikely. The Associated Press reported on the afternoon of Feb 10 that her plane had been seen in Los Angeles.

But wasn’t she just in Tokyo?

She sure was. Her Eras Tour resumed recently, and ...

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