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Five years or so seems to be the sweet spot for people and companies working on generative AI. It’s a stretch of time lots of folks, like Spectrum Labs’ Justin Davis have achieved. Davis joined GamesBeat’s own Dean Takahashi to talk about generative AI and whether communities are ready for it during our recent GamesBeat Summit.

That five year timeframe is popping up all over the place. A lot of the big names in generative AI technologies have crossed it, but for the most part have kept it quiet. It takes time to create working technology, and the AI space is no different. 

As consumers we only see the end result. We see something like ChatGPT get released, and multiple versions and revisions quickly follow. It creates the illusion that these things are normally quick to develop, but the reality is that it usually takes time.

That time spent has an additional effect. It lets creators think about how the technology will end up being used by the public at large. AI developers have to consider all the angles, including bad-faith uses which have already begun to pop up.


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