Wild Boar Gets Stuck In Road Divider In Sengkang, NParks Officials Come To Rescue

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Wild Boar Gets Stuck In Road Divider After Running On Road In Sengkang

Even though wild animals in Singapore largely co-exist peacefully with humans, our modern infrastructure might at times pose problems to these creatures.

That was the case on Wednesday (21 Sep) when a wild boar apparently got stuck between the bars of a road divider in Sengkang.

Thankfully, NParks officials came to its rescue and managed to free it from the tight spot it was in.

Wild boar spotted running on road

In a Facebook video posted on Thursday (22 Sep), a wild boar was seen running speedily along the road divider parallel to Rivervale Drive in Sengkang.

As the car, from which the video was taken, got nearer to the boar, North Spring Primary School comes into sight.

According to the caption of the video, the incident took place near Block 124 Rivervale Drive.

Allegedly got stuck in road divider

Incidentally, a wild boar was seen trapped in a road divider in another TikTok video that went viral the next day.

In the video, a boar was seen stuck between the bars of a road divider, unable to wriggle itself free.



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Speaking to MS News, the OP shared that the video was taken at about 7pm on...

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