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Making artificial intelligence (AI) work with humans requires having an internal data champion to help overcome fears and create a safe environment. That was the advice offered at Digital Procurement World in Amsterdam today in a session focused on combining humans and AI to help procurement become a top value driver in modern business. The biggest pain points for panelists? Working through overwhelming amounts of data and dealing with employee concerns that AI will take their jobs.

“I need to be a champion for the digital journey,’’ said Ralf Peters, vice president of procurement, Europacific partners, at Coca-Cola. “Once you have that established, everything else will fall into place, because then you can figure out how many resources to have dedicated.” Having a digital champion allows you to build an AI strategy, Peters added.

It’s also important for leadership to show how people and AI can align. Then they can help employees overcome the fear of new technologies that will change the way they work, the panelists said.

How to take advantage of a data-challenged world

In a procurement context, the trick to dealing effectively with data is creating an environment that allows every procurement category manager and team to move from, &ldquo...