The remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is high on the bucket list of many intrepid travellers, even with a seemingly high daily “tax”. The Prime Minister of Bhutan, Dr Lotay Tshering debunks some myths and explains how this contributes to the country’s sustainability.

The Punakha Dzong or Pungthang Dewachen Phodrang monastery, Punakha, Bhutan. (Photo: iStock)

Think of Bhutan and the picture-perfect photograph of Bhutan’s Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest, the gravity defying temple clinging to the cliff’s edge of a mountain, probably comes immediately to mind.

With stunning Himalayan mountainscapes, a one-of-a-kind cultural heritage and of course, some of the warmest, friendliest people around, there is no doubt that Bhutan is one of the most...