Which Is The Best Kaya Toast Franchise In SG? We Rank Ya Kun, Toast Box And More

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Best kaya toast franchise in Singapore

Kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and a cup of kopi or teh—it’s almost singular in how it is iconic of the typical Singaporean breakfast. But whatever the time, it’s perfectly satisfying, even as a snack to get you through the day. You can find kaya toast almost everywhere, but the names that have top-of-the-mind recall are the big franchises which dot the island.

With the latest controversies surrounding recent price hikes at some of these chains, it may seem like your kaya toast set is no longer the affordable meal it used to be. Only one of the five kaya toast sets we tried cost under $6, which may get us rethinking what is otherwise a rather simple meal of eggs, toast and a drink. We set out to try the kaya toast sets on offer at these chains to find out which is the best kaya toast franchise in Singapore worth spending your dollar at.

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The criteria

Cutting to the chase, the players in this game are as follows: Toast Box, Fun Toast, Heavenly Wang, Killiney Kopitiam and Ya Kun Kaya Toast—I visited all of them, located in the immediate vicinity of Orchard MRT Station, in the same day. In the name of fairne...

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