What Programmatic Advertising Can Do for Businesses in 2022

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The programmatic advertising industry has experienced a meteoric rise and swift adoption in 2022, becoming the most prominent digital advertising ad display method. At the end of 2021, programmatic ads expenditure reached over $150 billion, constituting about 71% of the entire digital ad spending. According to an industry report, the programmatic advertising market will be worth $297 billion by 2023 (at a GAGR of 18% during the period spanning 2018-2023).

The U.S. Has the Largest Programmatic Advertising Market

Adoption is especially strong in the United States, which has the world’s largest programmatic ad market. In 2021, marketers in the United States spent 41.2 percent more on programmatic display advertisements than they did the previous year, accounting for the most significant yearly rise since 2016.

While programmatic ad spending in the United States reached an all-time high of $90 billion in 2021, forecasts show that by 2023, it will increase by more than 50%.

The industry’s continuous growth is not coincidental; technological advancements and innovations in adtech have allowed for more game-changing ad formats, wider audience reach, and remarkable outcomes.

The Incredible Possibilities of Programmatic Advertising

We are already accustomed to the incredible possibilities of programmatic advertising and it’s easy to explain the sector’s growth and development. But when you look back in history, you’ll discover that it all started as a simple banner display ad in 1994.

Today, through ad exchanges, DSPs, ad networks, etc., brands and ad...

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