What Is The Best Zi Char Crab Sauce? Singaporeans Say It’s Chilli

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Chilli crab is the most popular crab sauce in Singapore

It’s little surprise Singaporeans love seafood, especially crabs, which have earned their place as one of the country’s most cherished seafood delicacies. Singaporeans have a deep-rooted love for crab dishes, with so many variations available across local hawker centres, zi char stalls, and seafood restaurants.

Chilli crab is also arguably one of our city’s most recognisable culinary icons, and it constantly tops the list of the best things to eat in Singapore. We know chilli crab is super popular amongst tourists, and local restaurants have stepped up to deliver. Local snack brands have also created a variety of chilli crab-flavoured nibbles, from potato chips to cup noodle flavours.

While chilli crab may come up tops in terms of renown, is it something true-blue Singaporeans love as well? How does it stack against other crab sauces, such as salted egg yolk, butter, b...

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