What common health problems are family doctors seeing more of in Singapore lately?

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Without a doubt, COVID-19 is the health issue of the past couple of years. But even though the global pandemic has taken up pretty much all of our bandwidth, there are other health matters that have not escaped our attention – or that of the general practitioners or GPs.

The early isolation phase and continuing social distancing mean that our collective mental health has taken a beating. Fear of the uncertainty (How will you cope if you get COVID-19? Will your income be affected?) has led to stressed out people. Information overload from what to do if your child does get infected with the Omicron variant, for instance, can create anxiety as well.

But other than mental wellness topics and vaccination-related issues, which have all received top billing in Singapore since COVID-19 gripped the world, what else have we been queuing at the clinic for in the past year? Three GPs tell CNA Lifestyle about the trends they've observed so far.


While we tended to stay away from the doctor when COVID-19 first hit, we are venturing out into the clinics more now, according to family physician Dr Tseng Hsien Cho from Raffles Medical.

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“The number of upper respiratory tract infection cases (including common cold, flu, sore throat, runny nose and/or cough) is slowly increasing, close to that of pre-pandemic times,” he said.

Dr Lin Diyang, a GP with Lin & Sons Clinic & Surgery, agreed: “Upper respiratory tract infections have, by far, surged ahead to be the most common complaint.” He attributed the increase to the “lower threshold” people have for COVID-19 after ascertaining with home ART test kits.

Still, there are cautious individuals wh...

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