We Threw a Luxe Party at Home with Food From 6 Exclusive Restaurants on Grab Signatures

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Posted on September 16th, 2022

GrabFood has always been there for us. Every occasion, everyday, every craving, they have been a constant in our lives. Now, they have decided to take things up a notch with the launch of Grab Signatures. We can now look forward to a series of restaurants exclusively available on GrabFood, and get 2X GrabRewards Points when you order from a variety of mouth-watering options on Grab Signatures! They even have restaurants that serve gourmet fare so we decided to throw our own little luxe party at home with the help of some of our favourite restaurants.

Black Cow + Shatoburian

Meat lovers will enjoy indulging in deliciously sinful cuts of Kuroge Wagyu beef from the kitchen of modern sukiyaki and shabu-shabu fine-dining establishment Black Cow under the Black Carvery Group. We opted for the luxurious Truffle Don that sees slices of sukiyaki-style, seasonal A5 Kagoshima Wagyu beef on a bed of pearly grains, topped with a wobbly onsen egg and shavings of Manjimup black truffle. 

One bite into the juicy and beautifully marbled meat was enough to send us straight to foodie heaven. The tender beef was oh-so-good and just melted in our mouths! The rice was beautifully perfumed with the aroma of truffle, and breaking apart the creamy yolk of the onsen egg over the grains tied the entire dish together perfectly. 

Can’t get enough of that A5 Wagyu beef goodness? Don...

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