We Rank The Best Supermarket White Bread

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Best supermarket white bread in Singapore

After sorting through the best kaya brands in Singapore, I mulled over my next ranking quest. As I enjoyed my peanut butter toast, an idea struck me: why not dive into the world of bread, or more specifically, supermarket white bread? After all, it’s a pantry staple many of us rely on for breakfast, a teatime snack, or to sort the late-night munchies. 

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As a hardcore bread lover, I can assure you that not all loaves are created equal. From crust to crumb, we’ll uncover the nuances that set each brand apart. And since we’re all about keeping things accessible, I’ve focused on brands you can easily find in NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage. 

Here are the 7 best supermarket white bread you can find in Singapore, ranked.

The criteria

Before crowning the ultimate champion of supermarket white bread in Singapore, I’ve crafted a set of five categories to ease the daunting task of decision-making.

Untoasted: How does the bread stand solo? From its texture to taste, we’ll assess its qualities—whether it’s delightfully moist or dry, and whether its flavour is discernibly malty or overwhelmingly so. It shouldn’t be too thin, nor should it be too thick. We’re looking for balance here.

Toasted: The ideal slice should be crispy outside yet tender within, ...

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