Warm Up Cafe – Thailand Vibes, Authentic Boat Noodles & Yummy Tom Yum

2 weeks ago 41

As someone who enjoys cuisines with heavy flavours, Thai food definitely hits the spot for me. Considering the number of Thai places scattered around the island, it’s clear that Thai food is also a hot favourite amongst most Singaporeans. Word has it that Warm Up Cafe, which has indoor and outdoor seating that give off true-blue Thailand vibes, has a wide repertoire of authentic Thai dishes on their menu.

Their indoor space is best suited for smaller groups of no more than four. The dimly-lit, air-conditioned space is accentuated with neon lights and plants hanging from the ceiling, giving the cosy place a very eclectic vibe. I didn’t get the chance to check out their al fresco seating, which comes spruced up with fairy lights and wooden tables. 

You can find almost every Thai classic under the sun on their menu. From appetisers like Thai Fish Cake ($6) and Pandan Chicken ($15), to salads and boat noodles, to meats that include Thai Basil Pork/Chicken ($15) and Fried Garlic Pork ($15), to seafood and rice sets such as Thai Pineapple Rice ($9.90) and noodle sets like Seafood Pad Thai ($9.90), Warm Up Cafe has it all. 

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