Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie @ Momentus Hotel Alexandra: Premium Meats and Ala Carte Buffet

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In a Nutshell….

There are buffets aplenty, so why would you choose to visit Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie which is located outside of the CBD at the newly opened Momentus Hotel Alexandra?

In a nutshell, I’d say this brand-new buffet spread is for you if you are looking for a buffet where the emphasis is on:

1. Quality over variety2. Western-style rotisserie meats with some Asian influence3. Selection of ala carte dishes which you can order at no extra cost4. Handstretched pizzas made ala carte in a wood-fired oven5. Live oysters in the seafood section6. Quiet location outside of CBD

While most buffet spreads aim to attract potential customers with an overwhelming variety of dishes, I often find myself seeking only a few specific things in a buffet. Verandah managed to include most of these elements. The standout feature for me was their meat carving station. I’ve visited numerous hotel buffets that serve mediocre roast beef, often left under the heat lamps, resulting in a rather dry texture upon serving. The rotisserie section at Verandah, on the other hand, is exceptional. I appreciate the fact that they char-grill the beef just before serving, ensuring a succulent and flavorful experience.

At Verandah, I can curate a remarkably satisfying multi-course degustation-style meal that resembles a formal sit-down dining experience more than a typical buffet. I will delve into this strategy in greater detail below.

This weekend buffet is available at $88++ per adult, $42++ for children aged 6-11 years old. Until 30 November 2023, one dines free with every three paying adults!

Meat, Glorious Meat

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