Unmarked Hump In One-North Sends Faster Vehicles ‘Flying’, Raises Safety Concerns

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Unmarked Hump Along Portsdown Road In One-North Sends Faster Vehicles ‘Flying’

When driving along routes that we are familiar with, some of us might be guilty of letting our instinct take over. In such situations, even the slightest changes to the road layout can catch us by surprise.

That was seemingly the case along Portsdown Road in One-North, where an unmarked speed hump was recently installed.

Perhaps due to the hump’s stealthy appearance, many drivers were not aware of its existence until moments before crossing it.

In a now-viral video, faster vehicles were seen ‘flying’ across the hump while some drivers managed to jam on their brakes in time.

Faster cars ‘fly’ across unmarked hump at One-North

In a TikTok video apparently taken on Thursday (24 Nov) morning, a user shared drivers’ ‘reactions’ to the new speed hump along Portsdown Road.


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