Uncle Dining Alone Tells Daughter He’s With Friends, Strangers Realise His White Lie & Comfort Him

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The uncle was part of a social experiment held by the mall.

By - 19 Sep 2023, 12:14 pm

Lonely Uncle Crying At Malaysian Mall Consoled By Kind Strangers In Social Experiment

An uncle sits alone at a restaurant in Malaysia’s IOI City Mall. He picks up the phone and speaks to ‘Lily’, his daughter.

Speaking loud enough to be overheard, the uncle claims he’s eating with his friends. After he hangs up, he slowly breaks down into sobbing.

Concerned strangers console and talk with him, whereupon he reveals he misses his daughter. He told her a white lie so as not to worry her.

The uncle turned out to be an actor in a social experiment at the mall.

The video revealed the kindness of the strangers who bought him food and tried to make the uncle feel less alone.

Telling white lies to estranged daughter

IOI City Mall held the social experiment in its various eateries and restaurants. A grey-haired uncle in a white singlet and a dishevelled, unbuttoned outer shirt sits alone at a table.

He picks up his phone and talks to his daughter named ‘Lilly’. Despite being alone, he claims someone is there with him, like a friend.

He also mentioned Lilly’s mother, who conveniently went to the washroom and so could not talk on the phone. Some patrons can’t help but glance over, overhearing the conversation.

The uncle then hangs up and slowly begins sobbing to himself. Several nearby customers notice th...

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