Ume San 100: New Japanese Bar Hidden Behind Vending Machines Has SG’s Largest Umeshu Collection

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Ume San 100 is a hidden umeshu bar in Fortune Centre

If you ever find yourself in Fortune Centre, head up to the second floor and you’ll find a most eye-catching row of Japanese vending machines. They’re so brightly lit, and so out of place, it almost feels like a front for a house of horrors. Fret not, because behind these dummy machines lies Ume San 100, a brand-new Japanese speakeasy that is slated to open on 30 May 2023.

Ume San 100 claims to have the largest collection of umeshu in Singapore, carrying at least 40 varieties of the plum wine alone. If you tally these with the other liquors in the store, as well as the cocktails and drinks on the menu, you’d be looking at more than 100 drinks in total! Apart from these, the speakeasy also promises to bring in seasonal labels and top up the menu with seasonal drinks too, so you’re really spoiled for choice here.

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