Umami 10 – European-Japanese fusion tapas-style restaurant!

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Soft Shell Prawn Tempura $29, Chef Marcus (left) with the owner Lorencz Tay.Bottom Right: Scallop Carpaccio $36

Nestled in the lively enclave of Telok Ayer Street, known for its bustling bars and vibrant nightlife, one might easily overlook the unassuming Umami 10 in their quest for a delectable dining experience.

Short reel of the dishes

Umami 10 deems itself as a “Yōshoku Sakaya”, where Western-influenced Japanese delicacies are served with specially curated sakes. However, it seemed more like the owner’s dream of having a restaurant that serves all his favorite food from Japan and Europe. Their menu revolves around casual tapas-style dishes. So if you are the kind of person who is always tempted to order everything on the menu, then you will find their concept quite compelling!

The Must Try Dishes

Soft Shell Prawns Tempura $29

These crispy fried soft-shell prawns are a delectable twist on the more common soft-shell crab. Like crabs, prawns also molt; ie they shed their old shells when they outgrow them and it is during this time that they are harvested. The tender shells fry up nice and crispy, like keropok which makes them a lot more tasty than eating just the flesh. The accompanying yuzu mayo dip complements the prawns very nicely. 4.25/5

Truffle Pitan Tofu $20

Stealing the limelight was the Snow Crab Pitan Tofu. We are all quite familiar with the pitan tofu, which is a Japanese-s...

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