Ultimate Guide To Planning An Australia Road Trip For Singaporeans Who Want An Adventure In 2023

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Planning a road trip in Australia

There’s no better way to really explore a ginormous country like Australia than on a road trip. The well-maintained highways that largely follow a coastal route means that even though your drives may be long, we guarantee that they will be very scenic.

While it might seem daunting to plan a full itinerary, especially for your first time, here are some tips and route ideas if you’re planning an Australian road trip in 2023.

– Things to know before your trip –

1. Australian road rules

Good news, Singaporeans; you won’t feel like a fish out of water when driving in Australia since you’ll be driving on the familiar side of the road here as well – the left. Your Singaporean driver’s licence is also accepted for car rentals, so it’ll be relatively easy to set yourself up with a ride.

Just book a car in advance, and drive off to your destination straight from the airport when you land.

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