Two Bake Boys Cafe Opens In Bugis With Famous Crepe Cakes And Thai Tea Croffles

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Two Bake Boys Cafe in Bugis

Image credit: @ps_tan_8991

Fans of IG-famous crepe cake bakery Two Bake Boys can look forward to visiting the homegrown business’ new dine-in concept: Two Bake Boys Cafe. The fully-fledged cafe is set to open its doors on 4 March 2022 , with a whole slew of mains, sides, as well as desserts, including the OG crepe cakes they’re most known for.

Image credit: @twobakeboys

The aesthetic-looking cafe is located within the compounds of Rest Bugis Hotel, which is an eight-minute walk from Bugis or Lavender MRT Station. Here, rattan chairs and potted plants fill up the bright and airy space, which sees plenty of natural light streaming in from the countertop windows.

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