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Twitch, the leading gaming livestreaming platform, released a letter to layout it’s roadmap for new monetization features in 2023. The open letter was penned by Tom Verrilli, chief product officer at Twitch, and Mike Minton, Twitch’s chief monetization officer.

These platform-wide improvements are designed to help streamers monetize effectively, boost discoverability, decrease the intrusiveness of ads and build community on and off the platform.

In order to improve streamers’ earning potential, the team at Twitch plans to both improve existing features and release new tools that make it easier to monetize and grow.

One key focus is giving streamers more options to monetize on the platform. Twitch will be releasing Sound Bites (first-party audio alerts) and updating Cheering so viewers can further customize their interactions with streamers. These personalization features will also allow streamers to recognize their top supporters. Twitch will also experiment with personalized discounts based on viewer behavior to encourage more interaction with highly engaged fans.


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