Travelling From Singapore To Japan 2022 – What To Know About Entry Requirements So Far

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Guide to travelling to Japan in 2022

Of all the countries that we Singaporeans love to travel to for a holiday, Japan is perhaps on the top of everyone’s list. Pre-pandemic, holidays to the likes of Hokkaido, Tokyo and Osaka were our go-tos, be it for the sights, shopping, and of course, food. 

While Japan has yet to fully open its borders for tourism, we’ve finally heard some good news about the resumption of leisure travel that’s putting us at the edge of our seats. Here’s what we know so far: 

What we know from the latest announcement

According to the Japan Tourism Agency’s news release, visitors from only 4 countries – Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the United States – are allowed to enter for now. You also have to be triple-vaccinated, have private medical ...

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