Tian Jin Fong Kee Review: Popular Handmade Dumplings With A 74-Year History

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Tian Jin Fong Kee has handmade dumplings with a 74-year history

Dumplings: simply made with flour, water, meat, some vegetables, and seasonings. They’re simple, convenient, and plain delicious. I often find myself boiling the typical, frozen ones from the supermarket into a pot for a quick meal, but let’s be honest, nothing really compares to the real deal—handmade dumplings. When I heard about Tian Jing Fong Kee, which specialises in them, I knew immediately that I had to try the stall out.

The first Tian Jing Fong Kee outlet was founded at People’s Park in 1948. It’s still in operation today, which makes them 74 years old! We visited the outlet at Serangoon Gardens, where the third-gen owner told us about how he’s helped his grandfather at the OG shop since he was seven! Today, he runs the Serangoon stall with his wife.

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