This Vietnamese-Owned Stall In Jurong East Has BBQ Beef Cheese And Roast Pork Banh Mi Under $7

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Ba Buong Banh Mi in Jurong East has affordable banh mi

When we think of banh mi in Singapore, the famous Banh Mi Sai Gon and their pig’s ear filling or Bami Express in Tanjong Pagar may come to mind. For those living in the West, there’s also Ba Buong Banh Mi, a Vietnamese-owned banh mi stall in Jurong East. Originally named Your Deli Bite Banh Mi—which we had reviewed in 2022—the stall has since rebranded, but they are still specialising in banh mi.

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The stall’s bestseller is their Special Traditional ($6.50) banh mi. This one has all the banh mi classics: cold cuts, pate, pickled veggies, and coriander. Frequent patrons of the stall love that they are very generous with their toppings. 

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