This Thai Supermarket In Singapore Has After You Shibuya Toast, Thai 7-11 Sandwiches And More

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Rama Bear Mart for Thai snacks and desserts

You don’t need a plane ticket to enjoy your favourite Thai snacks and desserts—just take a trip to Rama Bear Mart and your cravings will be satisfied.

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Conveniently located right beside Jalan Besar MRT Station, this Thai supermarket has been making waves on social media for its wide array of ready-to-eat meals, desserts, and drinks sourced directly from the Land of Smiles.

The store was founded by a Thai national who, after relocating to Singapore, found herself missing the products from home. After realising that there were plenty more like her, she decided to launch the business.

On our visit, we discovered that the assortment of snacks stocked here is more than what’s available at most Thai supermarkets in Singapore. You’ll find an impressive lineup of your favourite Lay’s chips in Thai-exclusive flavours such as 3-in-1 Salmon Chilli Lime ($3).

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