This Thai Food Stall Sells $4 Braised Trotter Rice And Thai Kway Chap In Kovan

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Pong Cheer Cheer Thai food in Kovan

If you’re someone who has always made SabX2 a pitstop on your Pratunam dining list for their Thai braised pork trotter rice, rejoice. Pong Cheer Cheer in Kovan is a hawker stall that specialises in Thai braised dishes, offering pork trotter rice that fans say taste very similar to SabX2’s.

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Pong Cheer Cheer is located at Defu Lane, near Kovan MRT Station. The stall is run by two Thai natives, and they specialise in braised trotter rice, AKA khao kha mu, and Thai-style kway chap.

Their pork trotter rice is very affordable, priced at just $4. The trotters are slow-braised in a medley of soya, Thai aromatics, and spices, resulting in tender, flavourful meat, and melt-in-your-mouth fat. A portion also comes with braised egg, soup, and house-made preserved vegetables.

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If you want to eat a whole trotter, or dabao for your next family dinner, you can also do so he...

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