This Sin Ming Durian Seller Has $78 Durian Buffet With Free-Flow MSW And Black Gold

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Zeng Zu Fu durian buffet in Sin Ming

Durian season is finally here, and is set to stay till August, according to experts. This is the time to get your hands on fresh durian, risk getting “heaty”, and feast to your heart’s content. One such way to do so is via the Zeng Zu Fu durian buffet in Sin Ming.

Image credit: Zeng Zu Fu

Zeng Zu Fu, also known as Ah Lai Durian, is a durian seller that traces its name back to the 1950s, in Pahang, Malaysia. Its founders were durian farmers, who then grew the business to supply over 100,000kg of durian to Singapore and other international vendors. They’ve since branched out to selling their durian at Sin Ming, and through their e-commerce store.

Image credit: Zeng Zu Fu

This year, they’ve also launched a $78 nett durian buffet, where diners get unlimited portions of durian across different varietals. Red Prawn, XO, Mao Shan Wang, Black Gold, and...

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