This Secret Island In Malaysia Can Be Reached Without A Boat From SG & It’s Photogenic AF

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Pulau Mawar – “Island” near Mersing Town

Nature lovers probably know the clearest beaches and lakes in Southeast Asia by heart – however, most of them require a flight to get to. But we’ll let you in on our little secret: there’s one you can drive to from Singapore. Called Pulau Mawar, it’s an isolated “island” about a 30-minute drive from Mersing Town. 

Despite being rather ulu, Pulau Mawar is worth a visit because of its turquoise waters, iconic Insta-tree, and majestic stone arch called Heaven’s Gate. Read on to find out how you can get to this scenic landmark. 

How do you get to Pulau Mawar from Singapore?

To get to Pulau Mawar, you can choose to drive in or take a bus with KKL Express to Mersing Jetty, with tickets starting from just S$39. You can choose between a few pick-up points in Singapore such as Kovan Hub and Bugis MRT Exit D Taxi Stand, making it all the more convenient for those who will be taking public transport. From Mersing Jetty, it’s a 30-minute drive – book a private hire car that’ll take you to Pulau Mawar. 

If you’re driving from Singapore, the entire journey will take about 2 hours and 50 minutes. Drive from Woodlands Checkpoint and make a pitstop at Mersing Town, before continuing your journey up north to Pulau Mawar. 

Crossing to Pulau Mawar from Pantai Mawar

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