This Private Island Resort Is Opening Just 20 Min By Boat From SG With Floating Villas

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Nirup Island – Managed by ONE°15 Marina  

Don’t get us wrong, we love Singapore for the cool things to do every weekend, new hotels, and hip new cafes and restaurants. But sometimes, nature lovers just need a short escape surrounded by the sun, sand, and sea.

If all you need is an island getaway without getting on a flight, Nirup Island is your answer. Managed by ONE°15 Marina, it’s an up-and-coming private island just 20 minutes from Singapore. 

Where is Nirup Island? 

Looking at photos of Nirup Island may have you wondering, where is this gorgeous island? It’s part of the Riau Islands, an Indonesian province also home to Batam and Bintan, which you’re probably more familiar with.

Due to its secluded nature, this area is home to several luxury resorts such as Bawah Reserve and Telunas Resorts.  

How to get to Pulau Nirup?

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