This Ocean-Themed Restaurant In Canggu Has Mediterranean-Inspired Brunch

9 months ago 61

LUMA for Mediterranean food in Canggu Bali

If you’re still lost after reading our series of Bali food guides, start your trip with LUMA. This stylish restaurant located in Canggu, Bali, sets themselves apart by using seasonal ingredients found locally in Bali and other nearby islands to reimagine classic Mediterranean dishes.

The restaurant’s interior boasts an oceanic theme, decked out in turquoise hues and wooden textures, making it the perfect spot to take your Instagram-worthy photos for the Eat, Pray, Love season of your life. The restaurant also offers two different experiences: a sleek and relaxed ambience in the day and a warmly-lit, cosy retreat in the evening. 

We stan a restaurant that’s got a menu as impressive as its ambience. Here at LUMA, the menu changes every now and then according to the availability of local produce. 

If you’re not feeling a full meal, their lunch menu features snacks such ...

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