This New Overnight Ferry In Japan Has Onsen With A View, Tatami Rooms & Buffet With Sashimi

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Sunflower Murasaki Ferry in Japan

Anime, ramen, and sakura are some of the many reasons why we save our ALs for a trip to Japan. Don’t even get us started on Super Nintendo World and the Ghibli Park in Nagoya. Even the JR trains are an attraction in itself, and are appreciated by us all, train otakus or not. 

So, what if we were to say that the shining, speedy JR isn’t the only cool public transport that Japan has to offer? Enter a new overnight ferry that runs between Osaka and Beppu. Toss everything you can hope for in a ferry into a mix – we’re talking onsen, tatami suites, and buffets – and you will get the Sunflower Murasaki.

New Osaka-Beppu ferry with onsen bath, dog run & buffets

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